Family Center


  • SlackOur school uses Slack to support all family communication.  If you would like to learn more about how to manage Slack channels, direct messages, or notifications, there are helpful video tutorials here. 
  • Suggested channels include subject channels, grade channels, #familyupdates, #importantannouncements, and #parentchannel. 


Students work through 5 academic units each school year.  During each unit, students apply learning through projects, presentations, and other formative assessments.  You can help your child access learning reports and tools using these links.

  • Growth Transcript: updated reports display student learning on academic, SEL, and professional skills.
  • IXL: an online learning platform for students to practice academic skills in Reading and Mathematics.  

Health and Safety

  • Magnus Health collects and organizes private and confidential records for your child.  You can access your account here to revise or update any information.