We believe that every child has genius! Our middle school, after-school,
and summer camp programs help students discover, develop, and deepen
their personal genius.

Maker education helps students learn essential academic skills, professional
and technical competencies, and positive character traits.  Workshop
Project programs challenge, engage, and inspire students and adults
to learn well and do good.

After School


SHSAT Prep with City Smarts

From content review to time management and test strategies, we provide students with a broader context of the test, so they leave the class not just better at the SHSAT, but more confident with academic challenges in the short and long term.

Filmmakers Club

Film a trailer, shoot a music video, make a film! Explore your favorite movies, write scripts and learn about the filmmaking process.


After School


Cooking Club with Gabriella Alonso

Have fun cooking and tasting recipes from around the globe!

Video Games Club with Keagoe Stith

Hang out and play video games with Keagoe! Learn about game design, streaming, and E-sports.

After School


Magic the Gathering/Pokemon/Board Game Club with Leo Kiker

Practice your Magic the Gathering and Pokemon card game skills with veteran player Leo, plus learn new board games!

After School


D&D Club with Chris Dooly

Play the World’s Greatest RPG with a character you design yourself and embark on an epic fantasy adventure with your friends. Huzzah!

Robotics Club with Jin Kim

Step into the world of science! Learn how to code and write commands for robots with Jin.