About – Workshop Middle School
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We challenge, engage, and inspire advanced student learning.

Research explains that student engagement significantly improves student commitment, student focus, and student learning. Our academic curriculum is driven by hands-on, project-based learning that inspires high student engagement.

During middle school, student achievement declines dramtically.

On average, 8th grade students score roughly 10% below their 5th grade achievement scores in mathematics and reading. Peter Meyer writes, “By all accounts, the middle grades are the weak link in the chain of American education.”

Challenge leads to transformative personal growth.

As a small school, we establish meaningful personal relationships with students and families. In turn, we design responsive programs that challenge and support each individual student. Because students learn well when they are doing well.

During early adolescence, children confront landmark challenges.

However, students often feel “invisible” or “ignored” at large, impersonal middle schools. As a result, middle schools report a significant increase in negative student behaviors.

Workshop Middle School is diverse and equitable.

Our school model indexes costs to family income so that every family can afford tuition. Because research explains that students in diverse, integrated schools consistently outperform peer students in segregated schools.

New York City schools are deeply segregated.

In fact, research explains that New York City public schools are the most highly segregated urban schools in the United States. As a result, families have limited access to high-quality schools.