Workshop Middle School is an award-winning progressive school
for creative, curious, and big-hearted students in 6th – 8th grade.
Students learn advanced academic skills and durable character
strengths in a diverse, equitable, and connected community.

Middle school can change the world!

Workshop Middle School


Workshop Middle School is the result of high-leverage research,
expert practice, and leading theory in adolescent education and
youth development.

Everything about our school is designed to match the
specific abilities, interests, and challenges of early adolescents.
One parent explains: “Every child should have this opportunity.


Workshop Middle School is the perfect school for my child. It allows my child to explore his own interests with the support of an amazing team of teachers and experts.

I’ve never felt so inspired after speaking to a teacher about my child. Every day, I learned something about my child that makes me feel better prepared to help my son grow. 



My child comes home happy every day and can’t wait to go to school.  She is thriving because she loves school!

The teachers are experienced, enthusiastic, skilled, and seemingly tireless.  My daughter needs to be challenged and this is why she’s at Workshop Middle School.  We wanted to give her the opportunity to reach her highest potential.



My daughter and I found Workshop Middle School after a rocky start to 6th grade at a different school. She dreaded going to school.  Now, she looks forward to going to school everyday. Her emotional well-being is very important to me, and it’s just as important to her teachers and school leaders.  Our children can’t learn well if they don’t feel safe and respected. At Workshop Middle School, I’ve seen her self-esteem and commitment to school go off the charts.