What is your homework policy?

Hard work is important! However, research consistently explains that assigned homework is not effective. Instead, we emphasize student learning in long-term projects that engage and challenge students. These learning projects are large and require lots of work, so students will likely need to complete project work outside of school. We encourage 30 minutes of learning time each day outside of school, whether that is to research a skill needed for their genius project, study science terminology, or free write. Regardless, this work is always focused on what matters: application of learning in context.

Will students take standardized exams?

Independent schools are required to demonstrate “substantial equivalency.” This means that students enrolled at WMS learn content that is representative of the learning they will receive at area public schools.

One way independent schools demonstrate equivalency is through standardized exam programs. We use a widely accepted exam for this, such as the ERB or ISEE.

Do you accept students with IEPs?

We evaluate student admission on a case-by-case basis.

It is important to note that we are not able to provide all services to students that may require specialized supports.

What is your cell-phone policy?

We understand that many students have personal cell-phones that help them connect with their families; however, we do not allow students to carry their cell phones on their person during the school day. They place phones in an organized cubby system at the beginning of the day and retrieve them after school ends. Students are always allowed to ask to use their phone in case of emergencies.

Is Workshop a charter school?

Workshop Middle School is an independent school that has been approved by the State Board of Regents to operate. We are independent of curriculum and testing requirements established for public district and public charter schools.